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My film provides a unique perspective on the difficulties of cultural assimilation even when it’s someone with very similar cultural reference points

I want to create a dialogue with mainstream radio, TV and record companies and ask if  there is lack of interest in favour of flavour of the month music and if so, why?

Why this Film Will Be A  Success!                                                                      

The commercial success of documentaries along with the usual low cost of documentary production makes for willing production companies and investors as it is such a reliable market.

Cinema is a recession proof medium.

The most successful recent documentaries have been driven by passionate relatively

Why This is a sound investment for your Brand / Band/ Services      

The key demographic for my film is age group 12 -55.

My Film aims for a G to PG rating, the kind of film you can take your kids to and will have a cross generational appeal

to introduce them to the music of Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, R.E.M, Neil Young, Jimi to Gojira, Lamb of God and Slayer

The focus of this film is not product placement but product integration.

Why involvement in this film is good business

Involvement in this Film will be like investing a minimum of your average marketing spend for promotional ads in a time when you are guaranteed the highest audience in cinema

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