Farcical Vérité Films - Comical Truth - Entertaining whilst Educating

Farcical Verite Films Primary Team  for ‘Dude! Where’s My Music?’

The team I'm working with have collectively worked on 

Harry Potter films; Channel 4, BBC, Cartoon Network,

Ridley Scott’s Advertising team, 24, Simpsons,

My Name is Earl, Alien vs Predator

Jacquie Perryman  Music Supervisor


1995-1999        Head of Soundtracks at PolyGram
1999                   Head of Soundtracks for Island Def-Jam /
2000                   Vice President of Creative, Fox TV Music

Jacquie has worked on  :

Brave Heart, Mission Impossible, Family Guy,               

My Name is Earl, The Simpsons & 24 to name a few.

Tracy Morter - Executive Producer / Camera Person

Campaigner behind the Rage Against The Machine Xmas #1

Raised over £100,000 for Charity Shelter

Photographer - Blur & Morrisey

Photo Plus, Digital Camera & Photo Radar will be featuring

Tracy's fantastic camera work.


Mike Grimes  Sound Editor / FX  and Foley Editor

Alien Vs Predator                                    Feature Film, FX Editor

Kidulthood                                              Feature Film, FX Editor

Tales of the Riverbank (2008)                 Supervising FX editor

"10,000 BC"                                                  FX Editor, Warner Bros

Jonathan Howells  3D Imaging and Animation




Hugo Boss

CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Alliance Films

Ian Sargent Compositing, CGI,


Picasso Pictures  Production companies Passion Pictures on City Paradise

He is currently working for the Advertising Team of Ridley Scott Director /Producer of Alien, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator.

Contact : Ravi Parsan

+44 (0) 777 955 2565

+44 (0) 208 279 9988